Re: Location of "Switch User" graphics?

All the UI related images in Windows ( Vista and 7 )

are stored in %WINDIR%\System32

Main : "Imageres.dll"

Second : "shell32.dll"

With a resource extractor you can view them all.. they contain thousands of icons,pictures,avis,sounds.. some leftovers from XP and Longhorn Alphas are also inside.. interesting stuff.

Make a backup before tinkering with such systemfiles. If you edit them and make an error your Windows will be kaputt.


"+Bob+" <nomailplease@xxxxxxxxxxx> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:g07ar5tvdv8juh3q0gvke5gi6g0u8ja0sk@xxxxxxxxxx
Where does windows store the graphics used for the "Switch User"
graphic (not the user pictures, but the actual button that says
"switch user") ?