Re: Vista Calendar Stopped Notifications

"Ted Smith" <me@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:O5h4TPVmKHA.4808@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Well Jon, I guess I'm sunk. I've made all the changes and tested, and tested again but with no success at all. Would it work to totally delete the Windows Calendar folder (and maybe even WinCal.exe) and let Windows rebuild it??

It would certainly be risky. There's no guarantee that Windows would rebuild anything; but I suppose you could make a backup of anything you deleted and restore it in case of any issues. Setting a 'System Restore' point would also be advisable if you pursue that route.

The only other thing I can suggest is to create your own independent reminders task, using Task Scheduler. This isn't that difficult. All the reminders task does is to run the executable

"C:\Program Files\Windows Calendar\WinCal.exe"
with a '/reminder' argument.

If there's something to remind you of it should (in theory) pop up Calendar. Otherwise it (in theory) schedules a task for the next official remnder.

So you can easily create your own task to do the same. You could say schedule it to be triggered at log on and from then on run, say, every hour, or even half-hourly. If reminders **still** don't appear then something pretty weird is happening ...