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I use, will use and never betray Windows. It is superior, and I do NOT want to waste a life on playing with Linux - its source codes & technical issues on my work computer, because i have enough of such as an Engineer, the last thing I want is to add more to my struggle by fighting with own computer.

That is old. Many people run Linux without ever code bashing. In fact I am a technical user and adept at code bashing and distros like Ubuntu, I haven't code based for 4 years.

You must have been so good at it too!

If Microsoft released code there would be code bashing and more. But unlike Linux, Micro$oft doesn't give you the options. Ever read the EULA for both? Clearly, Linux gives you far more rights and the waranty is exactly the same for both, none.

Cough. Of course the Linux license not red communism: you have every right except the right to make a profit, I'm sure.

But one thing disturbed me:
Amongst various parameters by which MS graded an Operating System in their anti-Linux Training materials issued to BestBuy employees, was whether Windows or Linux include games e.g. World of Wizard, or some other junk, iPOD's/camera compatibility, VIDEO CHAT (!!!), and other utter nonsense for a business/professional!

When I hit this, and it indeed doesn't exist I reply "X-Windows for men, M$-Windows for boys". I usually wait until 3 or more of them are in earshot, at least one of them usually gets it.

Why so .. Linux is the toy OS here.

Are we becoming a nation of idiots?

Einstein said it best, "The two things that are infinite is human stupidity and the size of the universe" and he wasn't sure of the later.

Yeah, well he was a Jew in Germany so .. you know .. but people are basically intelligent especially if one expects intelligence from them.

Human nature, even in large groups can be stupid. Look at the history book, lots of examples.

Do you know what I do after each new Windows installation? I get myself Full COntrol permission and desotry all Games & Bloatware folders. I seek and destroy trash.
And this is used to judge an Operating System?

Clean install a generic copy and you will enjoy Windows a lot more.

Yes, and what a pita. 15 reboots of patches and software cleanup later you get a half usable system that isn't cluttered with nags and adware.

OpenOffice, first thing I load.

Sometimes an old Windows 98 style interface is adequate.

When was the last time you tried it? Years, I bet. I know many people who prefer the interface of Open Office to the ribbon interface in MS Office 2007 because it looks so much more like the older versions of MS office they are used to (MS Office 2003 and older).

I lved Windows, but when I saw that Microsoft's anti-Linux rant disseminated to Best Buy & other retailers workforce preparing to sell Windows7, I have to admit - the IQ level in Redmond is dropping.

Doubt it! They are a smart bunch. Yes, they worry about the competition, but their work is excellent.

The best part about Win 7 is Vista machines, otherwise good machiens will be on sale.

Hm, yes, Windows 7 performs better on the same hardware than Windows Vista.

Good time to buy one to load with Linux.

Why waste good hardware? Get an OS that works: Windows 7 Professional


DRM and unintended consequences: