Any VMware experts on a Vista site?

Before I go to VMware with questions, I thought that I would try the Vista experts here to see if there is a match-up of the two talents. I recently had someone load VMware Workstation 6 on my new Dell desktop, which uses a Vista 64-bit platform. I now have the capability to run a Vista 32-bit platform by clicking on a desktop icon (situated on the 64-bit platform). I need occasionally to run dBase III programs in a 32-bit environment, which obviously a 64-bit environment will not tolerate.

I connect to the Internet on a wireless basis, using a RangeMax Wireless-N USB 2.0 Adapter. This Internet connection works fine on the 64-bit platform. In the 32-bit environment, I am able to make a local network connection, but I am not able to connect to the Internet. When in Windows Explorer (32-bit platform), I do not see any USB ports enabled. The individual who installed the VMware said that I should not need a USB port in the 32-bit setup to connect to the Internet.

Has anyone had any experience using VMware and establishing Internet connections from other than the base platform?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions that may pertain to my frustration!

Gordon Biggar
Houston, Texas