Re: Unexpected recurring but very intermitant ding.

"Alan Montgomery" <Alan@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
I have confirmed that it is "Default beep" that is the sound being
generated, and that the application accessing the file at the time is
taskeng.exe running under the logged in user credentials.
I don't believe it is software I have installed - taskeng is part of the
OS, and the only tasks that are running are all standard system tasks (see
orrigional post for specifics)
"Alan Montgomery" <alan@xxxxxxxxxxxx> *original* post OP

Hi Alan
Windows Vista Task Scheduler Engine.
Core task of the Windows Vista Task Scheduler. Unlike with previous versions
of Windows, the Vista Task Scheduler does not just work on a timer basis, it
also works on a *trigger* basis, such as : do this when the PC boots up, do
this when a remote user connects, do this when this *other program*
completes this other task, etc... This very much enhanced implementation of
the Task Scheduler not only makes it very useful for system engineers to
provide very advanced condition-based behaviour modification of PCs (e.g.
email me when this finishes), it also means that Windows Vista itself can
use the Task Scheduler for a variety of system tasks, and this is indeed
what Vista does. It uses the Task Scheduler to start vital background
processes. It is not uncommon, for example, for over 50 specific tasks to be
started and completed in this manner when your Vista PC boots up : start
sound capabilities once core kernel and drivers are fully loaded; on user
logon work out which notifications this user has configured for availability
and display the appropriate icons; etc..., etc...
The Task Scheduler Engine is absolutely vital for the proper functioning of
Windows Vista as well as for the ability for your own scheduled or
*triggered* tasks to run properly.
The above info from
Important: Some malware camouflage themselves as taskeng.exe
Keyword= "Triggered"

That being said, you have a fair amount of software on your computer not to
mention feeds and other toolbars that are unreported and that can an often
do Trigger/call on Taskeng.exe . Now you may be able to pin point which
piece of software is causing taskeng to trigger this notification sound. I
think its software that has been in stalled, at this point. I can *NOT*
alienate that your not infected with *malware* ( Some malware camouflage
themselves as taskeng.exe). Or even that it is not some type of *hardware
problem*. If it is hardware the problem most likely will become more
pronounced as time goes on. Because you say it comes and goes and may not
happen again for 4 or 5 hours at a time it's a long process to track down to
one piece of software. But it can be done, if it is important enough to
you. You have many tools that come with vista to help you with that task,
"Hardware and Sound", "Task manager", Defender /software tools, System
config and others- see links below. That's what I call trying to back out
until the problem is isolated to one piece of software, and as I said in
earlier threads that's a snipe hunt that will take much time considering the
amount of software loaded/installed on your machine not counting the OS.

Because I can't be sure its not something other than software, like Malware
or hardware/soundcard drivers etc. *I would* reformat/flatten and do a clean
install of the my Vista HP OS. Leave everything set at *default* and use
Vista for at least a day or two and see if I still had my sound problem.
During that clean install process, let Vista update and that can take more
than just a few minutes. Be sure to create one standard user account for
yourself and anyone else that you let use your computer. The first account
created during the install is an Admin account. ( I have two admin accounts
one I use when needed and the other never, unless something happen to the
first admin account) Don't use the admin account unless its required If you
have a branded machine like "Dell or HP" etc. You would want to visit their
Support and see what they recommend you down load in in the way of
*Important* drives/fixes and such. Even then take it slow because if you
have already determined that your sound problem has disappeared anything you
down load should be one at a time then test to make sure your sound problem
has not come back. I would set a resort point for any software. Then after
I installed, in your case, test/Run and use it over an amount of time that
you feel, (no less than the 4 or 5 hours) that you have talked about. I
would NOT install any software even if I had a disc until I went to the
distributers site and see if they have a version of the soft ware or upgrade
that may work better (Compatible) with Vista. Same thing for any software
you down load. Take it slow and *test* one at a time, setting those restore
points along the way. Don't install any software that you don't use. Many
branded computers come with software you will not use or want to buy after
some trial period, uninstall all that bloat ware from your system before you
even start with the software you think you need or want. As a final note
copy your personal files after you have determined they are Virus and
malware free, to a clean external source. I say copy instead of backup
simply because you don't want to reintroduce the same problem back in to
your system from some backup, in case this is malware or virus related. You
need a good plan before you reformat and you need a good plan you can follow
for the clean install and installation of software. All this will take some
time. Some more than others, it's the planning and getting ready and
research that takes most of your time.
You most likely will need to spend some time researching the best way to
proceed. Google can be your friend.
For starters:

For more information that can help you use the links below.
Description of the scheduled tasks in Windows Vista

How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista

Information about programs that are known to experience a loss of
functionality when they run on a Windows Vista Service Pack 1-based computer
This article should *not* be considered a comprehensive list of programs that
experience loss of functionality when they run on a Windows Vista SP1-based

The March 2007 Windows Vista Application Compatibility Update is a package
of software updates that address common application compatibility issues in
Windows Vista. When you try to install and run certain legacy games or
applications in Windows Vista, you may experience one or more of the
following symptoms:

How to update a sound card driver in Windows Vista and in Windows XP

Tips for fixing common sound problems

Windows Vista Compatibility Center

One last thing, you play a few games and may use Java VM.
You need to update your Java for the latest security fixes to 12.
If you think its being auto updated, even if your getting the visual
notifications triggers,
some of the malware, virus software or firewall your running can be blocking
java from downloading and installing those new updates.
Short of uninstalling those. Just go on line to Java and down load using
one of the method that will
download and install the latest up dates and then test it.
Some people do not use Java.

Good Luck
H Brown

"Alan Montgomery" Software configuration
Software installed - from Belarc report

A.C.I.D. Wizard *
Acronis - Installation Version 10,0,0,2160 *
Acronis Disk Director Version 10,0,0,2160 *
Acronis MediaBuilder Version 9,3,0,68 *
Acronis OS Selector Reinstall Service *
Adobe Acrobat Reader Version *
Ahk2Exe Version 1, 0, 47, 06 *
Alcohol 52% Version 1.9 *
Alcohol Soft Development Team Version 1.9 *
Alexander Roshal - WinRAR archiver Version *
Apple Inc. - Bonjour Version 1,0,4,12 *
Apple Inc. - iTunes Version *
Apple Inc. - QuickTime QuickTime 7.4.5 *
Apple Mobile Device Service Version 1, 14, 0, 0 *
Apple Software Update Version *
AutoHotkey Version 1, 0, 47, 06 *
Avernum 5 *
AVG Internet Security Version * Toolbar Version *
Belarc, Inc. - Advisor Version 7.2x *
BitTorrent, Inc. - µTorrent Version *
C-evo *
Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Demo *
Civ4 Map Finder Version 1.1.2909.7720 *
CM Shock Force Demo *
ComicSetup Application Version 1, 0, 0, 1 *
ComicUpdater Application Version 1, 0, 0, 1 *
Commander - Europe at War *
COWON America, Inc. - jetAudio Version 6, 0, 0, 0 *
CPUID Hardware Monitor Version 1, 1, 0, 0 *
Create and edit drawings, flow charts, and logos by using Draw. *
Create and edit presentations for slideshows, meeting and Web pages by
using Impress. *
Create and edit scientific formulas and equations by using Math. *
Create and edit text and graphics in letters, reports, documents and Web
pages by using Writer. *
CyberLink Corp. - CLDMA Version 1, 0, 0, 5417 *
CyberLink Corp. - PowerDVD Version 6.00.2128 *
DaloozaSoft - AU3_Spy Version 1.0 *
DaloozaSoft - AutoScriptWriter Version 2.0 *
devolo dLAN Configuration Wizard Version *
devolo EasyClean Version *
devolo EasyShare Version *
devolo Informer Version *
Dino Nuhagic (nuhi) - vLite - Vista Lite Version *
Discordia Limited - jZip Version 1.3 *
DivX Converter Version 6, 6, 0, 64 *
DivX for Windows Installer, L:EN;ES;DE;FR;JA, DivX Codec 6.8.2, DivX
Converter 6.6.0, DivX Player 6.8.1, DivX Web Player 1.4.0 Version
DivX Player Version 6, 8, 0, 153 *
DivXNetworks Inc. - Config App. Version 2, 0, 0, 1 *
DivXNetworks, Inc. - DivX EKG Version *
EAST Technologies - diskSpace Explorer (TM) Version 3.0 *
eFront Media, Inc. - PowerArchiver 2001 Version 6.1 *
Elaborate Bytes AG - CloneDVD Version 5, 1, 0, 0 *
eMusic Download Manager Version 3, 0, 0, 14 *
Fantasy Wars *
FastStone Image Viewer *
Fengtao Software Inc. - DVDIdle Pro - Extend the lifetime of DVD drive!
Watch and copy CSS encrypted DVDs from any region! Version 5, 9, 8, 63 *
Firaxis Games - Sid Meier's Civilization 4 : Beyond The Sword Version 3,
1, 3, 1, (104717) *
Firaxis Games - Sid Meier's Civilization 4 Version 1, 7, 4, 0 *
Free Image Editor *
GBotMA *
Icon Lover *
Imperium Romanum *
Inmatrix LTD - Install Center Version * jetAudio - jetCast Version *
jetAudio Version 1, 0, 0, 0 *
jetAudio Version 6, 0, 0, 0 *
JetAudio, Inc. - Audio Mixing Recorder Version 1, 0, 0, 1 *
JetAudio, Inc. - jetChatExe Application Version *
JetAudio, Inc. - JetLyric Version 2, 0, 0, 0 *
JetAudio, Inc. - JetTrim Application Version 1, 0, 0, 0 *
JetShell *
Jonas John ( - Remove Empty Directories Version *
Kontiki Inc. - Delivery Manager Version 5.12.707.160 *
Launch Medieval II Total War Version 1.0.2669.20298 *
LIGHTNING UK! - ImgBurn Version *
Logitech Desktop Messenger (LDM) Version *
Logitech Desktop Messenger Version *
Logitech QuickCam Version 11.90.1263.0 *
Logitech SetPoint Version 4.60.122 *
Macrovision Corporation - InstallShield Version 11.50 *
Manage databases, create queries and reports to track and manage your
information by using Base. *
Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version *
Microsoft Corporation - digital locker assistant Version 1.6.5 *
Microsoft Corporation - Internet Explorer Version 7.00.6000.16386 *
Microsoft Corporation - PerfVis NT Performance Tool Version 1, 0, 0, 1 *
Microsoft Corporation - Windows Defender Version 1.1.1600.0 *
Microsoft Corporation - Windows Installer - Unicode Version 4.0.6000.16386
Microsoft Corporation - Windows Version *
Microsoft® .NET Framework Version 2.0.50727.3053 *
Microsoft® .NET Framework Version 3.0.6920.1453 *
Mozilla Foundation - XULRunner Version 2008112014 *
Nullsoft - Winamp Version *
NVIDIA Control Panel Version 2.2.390.00 *
NVIDIA Driver Helper Service, Version 182.06 Version *
NVIDIA nTune Version 5.05.54 *
OLReg Application Version 1.00.1807 * 3.0 Version 3.00.9379 *
Opera Internet Browser Version 9.64 *
Paradox Interactive - launcher Version *
Perform calculation, analyze information and manage lists in spreadsheets
by using Calc. *
Play Hex-a-hop *
Pollux Gamelabs - Lost Empire - Immortals Version *
RealNetworks, Inc. - RealPlayer (32-bit) Version *
RealNetworks, Inc. - RealPlayer (32-bit) Version *
RealNetworks, Inc. - RealPlayer (32-bit) Version *
RealWorld Version 2007.1 *
Restore Default Settings *
Rocket Division Software - StarWind Alcohol Edition Version 3.2.3 Build
20070527 *
Scooter Software - Beyond Compare Version 3.0 *
Skype Extras Manager Version *
Skype Version 3.8 *
SlySoft, Inc. - AnyDVD Version 6, 0, 1, 0 *
SlySoft, Inc. - AnyDVD Version *
Space Sciences Laboratory - BOINC client Version 6.2.18 *
Stardock Corporation - Fences Installation *
Stardock Corporation - Fences Version *
Strategy First - Disciples II Version 2002, 3, 28, 1 *
Sun Microsystems, Inc. - Java(TM) Platform SE 6 U7 Version *
sweb.exe *
Sysinternals - Process Explorer Version 10.21 *
Sysinternals Procmon Version 1.12 *
Valve Corporation - Steam Client Service Version 1, 0, 0, 1 *
Valve Corporation - Steam Version *
VirtuaWin Version *
WinComics Application Version 1, 0, 0, 1 *
Wizards to adjust .NET Framework security, assign trust to assemblies, and
fix broken .NET applications. Version 1.0.5000.0 *
Zoom Player Version *