Re: odbcint.dll file not working anymore

Can you do a search for odbcint.dll on your system and tell me the version number that is shown. Do a search and not by going to System32 but by typing it into search. What is the result.

Version Number (check it by Properties)
Or existence at all

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"GobStopper" <GobStopper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:841BFD65-FD1F-4FF1-AE71-C7DD1799B8E8@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

After succesfully installing the .NET framework SP1 & other updates, my
computer was having problems to start (Kept crashing in the process of
opening windows). Then the Windows Repair tool started up. I finally made it
and everything looked fine until I tried to open my Itunes. I keep getting
the error message 'Itune.exe image incorrect -
C:\Windows\System32\odbcint.dll cannot execute under Windows or is damaged'.

I re-installed Itunes, same problem. When I go to the System32 files and
look at the odbcint.dll file, it says '0 Octets' in its properties, like it
was erased or something.

Is there anyway to get it back ?

Thank you

Here is the script of the error report when I try to open itunes:


Fonctionnement arrêté

2009-02-11 17:37

Rapport envoyé

Signature du problème
Nom d’événement du problème : APPCRASH
Nom de l’application: iTunes.exe
Version de l’application:
Horodatage de l'application: 4925c4fe
Nom du module par défaut: ODBC32.dll
Version du module par défaut: 6.0.6001.18000
Horodateur du module par défaut: 4791a7a6
Code de l’exception: c0000142
Décalage de l’exception: 00009cac
Version du système: 6.0.6001.
Identificateur de paramètres régionaux: 3084
Information supplémentaire n° 1: 9d13
Information supplémentaire n° 2: 1abee00edb3fc1158f9ad6f44f0f6be8
Information supplémentaire n° 3: 9d13
Information supplémentaire n° 4: 1abee00edb3fc1158f9ad6f44f0f6be8

Informations complémentaires sur le problème
ID du récipient : 1022108830