Re: Installing a Network Printer on Vista 64

I have exactly the same problem and a nearly identical setup. My HP
Laserjet 2200 is connected to a Windows Server 2003 x32 box via a
parallel cable and shared as HPLaser. I try to connect to it from my
Vista x64 box, it sees the share, but cannot find a driver. I've
downloaded the latest x64 PCL 5 drivers from the HP web site and
unzipped them to a local folder on the Vista x64 system. None of the
inf files contains a valid driver, according to the printer setup.
However, if I directly connect the printer to the Vista x64 box it works
correctly. This is not what I want or need - the printer needs to stay
connected to the server and shared from there. Why can't I get this to
work? BTW - the same scenario happens if I try to install an x64 driver
on the server - it says none of the downloaded drivers are compatible...