Re: Messages of "Make sure you typed the name correctly"

OK, thanks for trying to help. I am compelled to provide some feedback
to you:

1. I am indeed using forum software to read these messages. vBulletin
is clearly primarily forum software. There is a hack that essentially
turns it into a newsgroup reader, so perhaps this is in place in this
case. It is largely transparent to the user. I am familiar with using
newsgroups. The subdomain of the web address of this page is "forums".

2. The problem I am seeking help with is not limited to MS Word, so
posting in just that group may not be as productive as posting in a
broader based group such as this one. Perhaps more importantly, I was
posting in reply to a thread with a good number of posts to it already
-- I did not establish this thread. Given the number of posts to this
thread already, it is fair to say that not everyone shares your opinion
on whether or not this is the correct thread.

3. Lastly, what I consider to be the most salient feedback I have for
you is that although I acknowledge and appreciate your intent to assist,
you have made this much more difficult than it needs to be. Please take
this feedback to heart with an open mind. A web interface is a valid
way of accessing this group -- as a matter of fact, YOU might get a lot
more from using it because you COULD scroll up! (caps intended as
emphasis, not shouting.) I think having easy access to the entire
content of a thread within a single web page provides context that may
have led you to a different response.

I will find help elsewhere and stop posting here, though if you choose
to reply I will read (but not respond to) your post. It takes too much
time to solve annoying problems like the one I am experiencing - I don't
need to spend any more time that is unproductive. I am only sending
this message because I know your intent is to help and I believe the
feedback may help you do this better for others in the future. I
sincerely appreciate the time you've taken to try to assist me. Thank

p.s. Here is what I've been looking at:

Malke;4066953 Wrote:
dlaflamm wrote:

I thought folks could simply scroll up the page -- the thread is
only one page long and there is only one list so it is easy to spot!
But I do appreciate the feedback and will take your advice in the
future. Making things as easy as possible for those trying to help
makes sense to me. :-)
Here is the post within this thread that I was referring to (all
between the asterisks).
10-06-2007 05:24 AM
I have this problem and it is very very annoying and time -wasting.
some variations.

Main issue:

(1) I double click on a word file (or other file)
(2) Word 2007 opens
(3) Error message over the original folder: "Windows cannot find 'C:
etc'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again."
(4) Double-click on same item again - it opens with no problem.
another item in same folder it opens with no problem. Double click
elsewhere and you get same problem

Possibly related problems:

On trying to open a Word attachments from an Outlook email, they
don't open first time. Instead they return the message "the system
find the file specified". On returning to the email and
again, the file opens as normal.

On choosing to SAVE Word attachments rather than open them directly
Outlook they save as type "All files" unregistered to any program
alternative allowed). This leads to a long-winded opening or

OK, two things:

1. You are using a web interface (not a forum) that just slurps Usenet
newsgroup posts. Most of the rest of us are using real newsreaders and
never been to whatever "forum" you think you're using. So we can't
up". You should consider setting up a newsreader to access these
instead since this is very easy. I'll give you links below.

2. Since your question is about Word, you should post in the Word
That way you'll get attention from Word experts.

microsoft.public.word.general - list of MS newsgroups

Since you are using the web interface, you may not realize that this
really a newsgroup. You will get far more out of this resource if you
to use a newsreader. There are many good newsreaders for Windows, but
can use Outlook Express (XP) or Windows Mail (Vista) since you already
it. Here are some links to information about newsgroups:

About Usenet: - Usenet FAQs from the Internet FAQ Archives - a brief
of newsgroups

Outlook Express/Windows Mail as Newsreader:

How to Post: - How to Ask a
Question - How Not to Get Technical
Help on
Usenet - list of MS newsgroups - MS group to test if your newsreader is
properly - how to munge email address - crossposting - multiposting

Other Newsreaders for Windows: - Forte - Thunderbird

Elephant Boy Computers - Don't Panic!

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