Re: The Application Failed to Initialize properly (0xc0000022) Click Ok to Terminate the

a lot of them where under c\user while some of them were in the windows
But perhaps is still possible there are only on *C:\Users* trouble with
permissions.I've just tried on virtual PC commands which I attached to
previous my posts and I found these won't work even commands sometimes
return success but is it false success although I've done exactly as a
manuals talk.Strange nobody remarks to me.Now I'll try to correct my
errors to work properly but now you try manually check permissions again
for *C:\Users* but for all groups:

1.Download *psexec.exe* to *C:\Windows\System32* or *C:\Windows* (your
choice) see also post 34
2.By using task manager run *cmd.exe* and type:

If above command fail and return access denied you can try to use any
other file manager i.e Total Commander if you have - in this way type in
i.e. I have TC in *C:\Program Files\Totalcmd*

and of course in TC navigate to Files>>Properties>>Permissions

Because you've taked ownership this folder and you now in SYSTEM
account you have to change owner - SYSTEM should be owner now,see
When SYSTEM account will be owner of *C:\Users* again you can change

Permissions should be following

Administrators group:Full Control (all checked)
SYSTEM account:Full Control (all checked)
Users group:Read & Execute,List folder contents,Read)
Everyone:Read & Execute,List folder contents,Read)

The Owner:SYSTEM account

Maybe you'll have luck and will be only for *C:\Users* errors with
permissions,sometimes happen dominoes effect:logs show full errors with
permissions but really there are few of them.If you fix them other
errors disappear either...maybe

I have the motherboard laying flat with the heatsink and fan running
directly on top of it, which also means i removed the metal and plastic
plate underneath the board where the heatsink screwes in. do you think
the board could have been making a physical ground with the plate?
Unfortunatly I'm weak in hardware and I can't help you in this field
:confused:.Difficult to say any hardware trouble coused errors with
permissions...but difficult to say,maybe...,for all are only well-know
errors with permissions caused by viruses.But of course not all trouble
with permissions can be explained:caused by viruses

If you'll check,fix errors with permissions for C:\Users and error will
still exist,I'll really need log from Process Monitor