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OK.. maybe someone here can help me out... i made this folder in 32 bit
vista home premium with the name of alt+255 and an invisible file icon,
was using it to hide titty pics (pardon the expression, but its true) i
deleted the files inside and decided that i needed to delete the
folder.... here comes the problem... its been checked read-only so i try
to un-check it... still wont delete, go back into properties and its
still checked "read-only".... anyone have some advise for getting rid of
this said folder? Ive attached some screen shots.. but there is nothing
telling me that i don't have permissions or anything... I'm not to
familiar with vista but i tried to force delete it with the CMD prompt
like i would with a corrupt file in XP.... did i mess up somewhere?

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Once you get this sorted out, download and install
TrueCrypt. It's free. With TrueCrypt you can create
a file that contains an encrypted virtual drive of any
size you want. When you want to access the files
or add new ones, you mount the virtual drive, which
only takes a few seconds. The user manual with
TrueCrypt is very thorough.