Re: downloaded files disappear...actually never appear

The problem is AVG.
Note that AVG is NOT compatible with VISTA.
AVG is programmed for WINDOWS XP.

Meaning, some scripts in AVG may interrupt VISTA making downloads
unable to work smoothly.

I'd advise you to go with another ANTIVIRUS program, such as Norton
which is compatible with VISTA, but it DOES cost money.


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    ... After installing and patching Vista Service Pack 2 on my Vista Ultimate, the only program that seemed to communicate properly with the Security Center in Vista was AVG. ... For "MOST" home usage, AVG Free is sufficient as it seems to work well with Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, and the Malicious Software Removal tool. ... That might be an indication that you have a malware infection. ...
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    ... I run Vista also but even then, everyone's system is different so I wouldn't even begin to tell you what to "kill". ... This will start up MSCONFIG which will let you select which programs you want to run by going to the Startup tab. ... I have had AVG on my Vista Home Premium for over six months and never had a problem with it. ... It's telling you that some third party software you've installed is not responding to the terminate signal sent by the operating system when you initiate a shutdown. ...
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    ... AVG is Vista compatible and has been since the Vista beta program. ... There are no "scripts" in AVG. ... And it's my personal experience with AVG on my desktop, my laptop, and my wife's laptop that it is one of the better antivirus solutions for Vista, certainly far better than Norton/Symantec. ...