Re: How can I tell if an Imposters uses Vista or Ubuntu? Just FYI

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You may save yourself anymore hassle such as you have already experienced by using the wubi installer provided on the ubuntu .iso. It allows anyone to install ubuntu in a folder under windows, and ubuntu can be removed simply via add/remove programs if ubuntu doesn't meet your expectations. At installion, the wubi installer creates a dual boot-like setup for access of either windows or ubuntu, but will restore windows back to the normal boot sequence when uninstalled. Here is the link with info about wubi:
It worked as promised when I tried it for the sake of experience.

Thanks Norm. I'll have a read of that tomorrow.


Here is a piece of advice from someone who has been testing various distros of linux for the last decade.

This is the only method that I now ever use to test any linux distro.
1) if possible, it is best to install to it's own computer without any other OS's on it.
2) if you must dual boot, then always have a separate HDD to install it on's what I do...disconnect all other HDD's so that the only one available is the one that the linux distro is going to be installed on. This way you totally avoid having grub make a complete mess out of the Vista BCED boot manager.
After installing and configuring your linux distro. Shut down and re-connect all of the other HDD. When your restart, use you BIOS or F8 key or whatever your mobo has to select which HDD you want to boot into.
Of course, in the BIOS, set the default OS you'll be using the most.
I do this to avoid the mess that grub currently makes of the Vista boot manager.
As statistically speaking, you'll more than likely, delete the linux distro in the near future, as most users do. I last 2-4 weeks with any disrto, by that time linux the hobby has turned into linux the job that doesn't pay me.
By using this install method, you can painlessly delete the linux distro and avoid the mess that grub makes of the Vista BCED boot manager.

Wubi enables the user to experience ubuntu without the expense of a separate computer, without the perceived grief of a dual boot setup, or without all the hassle of the rest of the advice proffered above. Statistically speaking, it might be that the statement about deleting linux is little more than the plucking of opinion out of the ether and passing it off as fact. And some people enjoy the challenge of a hobby, be it linux or anything else worthy of a hobbyist's time and effort.


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