Re: Please Help using Vista and stuck in loop on Error Recovery Sc

Thanks Hiren,
You are very kind, unlike The Cowboy who I found rather rude and of course I
will pay someone to fix this if possible, just wondered if there was a way of
trying to sort the problem out myself.
I will attempt what you said about entering bios, although I am fairly sure
that the screen I mentioned is the first one we see now - I used to get the
other screen first, but now I think we don't.
I will have a try and let you know how I get on.
If I can't do this is the pc likely to be worth fixing and would someone who
understood how to fix them be able to do anything with it?
Btw I'm not stupid, I can use pc's just not able to fix them and I
appreciate the help of those who do.
"Hiren" wrote:

When you power-on the PC,you should be getting a screen that typically
mentions your mother-board's manufacturer and perhaps chip-set/model number
of the mother-board along with some other information such as serial
number,amount of memory,etc.Do not worry if this is not the case,but please
note that I am talking about the very FIRST screen which one sees on the
display unit as soon as the system starts.Read this screen quickly.There
should be a message similar to the following:

Press F1 to enter Setup

For BIOS,press Del

[F2] Setup [F10] Boot menu

.....and so on.In short,press the key indicated on that screen to enter what
is known as the BIOS (basic input-output system) setup,which is the
lowest-level software (often called firmware) that handles the hardware of
your system at the extremely basic level.Once you enter the BIOS,on-screen
instructions will guide you properly enough.Using them,try restoring the
BIOS settings to their factory default values.This is the recommended
method.However,if you do not want to adventure tinkering with the BIOS,you
can go the hardware way as well.For beginners,using jumper configuration is
not recommended.Clearing the CMOS battery becomes the easiest option.Turn
off the whole system,remember and double-check to unplug it from the power
supply/AC mains,disconnect all peripherals,protect yourself from static
electricity and then open the cabinet of the PC.You will see a large printed
circuit board(PCB) which is called as the mother-board of your system.In one
corner of it,a thin round disc-like battery cell will be seen,whose
potential would typically be 3.3 Volts.After making sure you are safe from
static,remove that battery and insert again.Close the cabinet,connect all
peripherals and then power-on the system.This should restore the factory
default settings.However,if opening the chassis is not desired or the
mother-board's layout seems too complex(in which case referring to the
manual which accompanied the system may help a lot),you will have to go into
the BIOS to restore a pre-defined set of default factory settings.
We are doing this to check whether it's Vista,the keyboard or users of the
system who could be at fault by unknowingly playing around with the
settings.Therefore,we need an `isolation` approach to arrive at the culprit.

"kalfury" <kalfury@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Thanks. I should have pointed out that I am a total novice, I can use a pc
but I have no idea what you are talking about! I cannot get into any other
screen than the one I described and my keyboard is not working so is there
anything I will be able to do?

"kalfury" wrote:

Hi, I am desperate for help and hope some kind person here will be able
help. I have a desktop pc which kids have been using running Vista for
a year. The keyboard recently started playing up so I replaced it and it
fine for a couple of days. Two days ago, it went really weird - bringing
weird smileys and then missing out letters completely. Tried to get into
mode yesterday and somehow it went to "Windows Error Recovery" page. I
thought great, we can do a repair now, even though keyboard won't work as
that option was highlighted and it was counting down form 30 secs.
Unfortunately when it got to 0 it started from 30 again and is stuck in a
loop of this.
Also it powers itself up if I switch it off.
I don't have backup disk as it came pre-installed with computer.
i have internet access as I have a new laptop, but kids are getting
Please help save my sanity.