VGAP4 - mci32.ocx Required to Run the Game

I play a PBE game called VGAPlanets-4 (VGAP4) and an excellent programmer has been making updates, changes, fixes etc... to the original code which was compiled with VB5 I belive. The new code is being written with VB6. The problem is that in order to take benifit of all the new whistles and bells of the new code I need to put a version of "mci32.ocx" into the Windows/System32 directory. I do so and get an error:

"Run-time error '372':
Failed to load control 'MMControl' from mci32.ocs. Your version of mci32.ocx may be outdated. Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provieded with your application."

I've tried to use regsvr32 to register the ocx but no luck. I've tried multiple versions of the file, no luck. It worked under XP SP3 after using regsvr32.

I've had many discussions with the person writting the new code and he has not been successful either.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might get this to work?

Here is the "offical" site where Tim Wisseman's beta version can be found and learn more about the game:

Here is one of the game hosting sites where you can download the game code along with all the recent updates:

Game code can be found under the Help & Info --> Game Info --> Downloads

This is a GREAT strategy game with hundreds (maybe thousands) of players around the world hosted on many different sites. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

FYI: The originally compiled code Client version 65 works fine with a few tweaks from: under the Vista64 section of course ;-)

But, it is the new Client 66 code that has all the fixes:

Again, any help appreciated!