Re: Games on Vista 64-bit

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How can I tell if they're compatible
with Vista 64-bit that I have on my new laptop? If I buy a new game
and the box says it's compatible with Vista, does that also mean it's
OK with the 64-bit version?

Ask the people that make the game. Vista x64 also runs 32-bit applications,
but it does not run 16-bit applications, so if the game is 32-bit, you
should be fine. Most applications are 32-bit, older games (like more than 6
years old) used to be 32-bit, but had 16-bit installers, so that sucked.

Now a days any "new" game you buy or download, should work in Vista x64. If
you're not sure, post the name of the game, or ask the people who make the
game, "Have you tested this game on 64-bit operating systems?"