Re: BF2 and Punkbuster with Vista

Righteous1 <Righteous1.3mg27c@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

I have about the same problem. I downloaded the BF2 pack from EA's
website two days ago and have yet to play online because punk buster
kicks me for inadequate O/S privileges. I am running Vista SP1 32-bit.

It's driving me nuts because there's absolutely no reason why this
should be happening. PB support has been completely useless and slow
thus far. EA has just referred me to PB. My situation pretty much
sucks. Any ideas?

You can go to, they have a program that updates Punk
Buster based on your OS, and which games you have installed, that should
fix thje problem.

If you already tried it I don't know what to suggest other than to
download Steam and get the F.E.A.R. 2 Demo, DAMN! I mean
DAAAAMMMMNNNNNNN, my favorite demo of the year, so far. Monolith is back
on top as my favorite FPS dev.