Re: direct play for microsoft games [freelancer]

Slainte1967 wrote:

Robert McKenzie <robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
I play Freelancer on windows Vista64 home premium and ultimate - two
machine - the laptop has a new dedicated graphic card - the other has
a EN9800GT a directX 9 card with DX10 compatability.

Actually a Geforce 9 series card will also run Dx1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8
games as well.

Virus Software to use is Eset Nod32 or AVG Personal(FREE EDITION)not
the buyable version.

Or just go naked, I can't remember the last time I installed anti-virus.

The issue is caused by the lack of DirectX Play in DX10 because MS
went over to different protocols and forgot about backward

Actually MS didn't install DirectX 9 into Vista, you can download
dxwebsetup.exe and install it manually.

MS Guidelines state that ALL games that use DirectX need to install the
files via the DXSetup app, even if the DirectX files are already
detected because some may be missing. Unfortunatly not many games do
this. Including this one.... which I worked on... hey I even worked on
the installer, sue me.

It's not DirectX 10's fault, so lay off.