Re: Is this spec. good foe video games ?

Robert McKenzie <robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

As previously stated the 3450 is adequate for old games - modern games
demand more - i bought a 3450 for an old machine and tried to run
MassEffect for the PC - it did not worked - I took it back and bought
the 3650 and it was jerky.

Now have a 1Gb EN9800GT which cost £130 and no problems.

The better the graphic card - the better your memory and the faster
the access time of the HD is what counts with game play not the
processors speed or OS.

BTW it better to have more memory than too little memory.

Not really, 6gigs is pretty much wasted, but it's cheap so a lot of
manufacturers are just throwing it in and jacking up their prices. I
can't recall ever seeing a quad core at best buy for less than $1000, but
I can build a similar system with less ram and a smaller HD on
for less than $600. So yes, it is wasted, and I'm sorry, that is US$ not

Also, I ran Mass Effect on a Geforce 6800, it wasn't an amazing
experience, but it ran, smoothly. Better graphic cards are nice if you
want to run the game in native resolutions and all the bells and whistles
turned on, but most people just want to play the game and don't care so
much if it's not perfect.

And when you say old games, which games are you talking about? Because I
mean a lot of people consider Gears of War PC an "Old" game. I personally
consider Pac-Man an "old" game. It's all subjective.