Re: Original WIndows Games

The built-in ones are easy to get back. Go to control panel:
if you have "classic View" select the "programs and Features" icon, if you have "Control Panel Home" click the "programs" link (not the sub-links below it)

Then "Turn windows features on or off"

If the games were manually deleted then the checkbox will still be there in games. In which case, uncheck it and click "ok" to inform Windows they are no longer there, then check the checkbox and windows will re-install them.

Hope that helps!

"bluemountain" <bluemountain@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:647B8896-A083-4829-8C07-0A7EDDF3B803@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
My son deleted all the games that came free on my lap top. How can I get
them back

have looked all through the programs files and the links and path's have
also been deleted.


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