Re: loading games

I have read that making a root folder is the best way to go. I play
Silent Hunter 4. The game gets heavily modded. If I attempt to extract
any game modded files to the SH4 game file, I get errors and they do not
extract to the fold. This is if I load the game to X86 program files.
However, I can load these modded files to a folder, copy and paste
within the SH4 folder that was installed in the X86 program folder. At
any rate, I uninstalled the game and re-installed to a C:\Games2\Silent
Hunter 4 folder I created when asked to browse upon installation. I can
now load the mods without errors or issues. I do not need to copy and
paste. This seems to have worked great. However, games such as Call of
Duty, World at War will automatically load to X86 program files and does
not give you the option to browse and load to a file of your choice.
I'm not sure why Activision did this.