c&c generals - zero hour - help plz

hi, i have reasontly just bort a new pc, and fancyed putting some old
times classics on it like zero hour, however i have installed the game
fine and can play and get online fine however i can;t connect to people
very well, some times i get the odd connection here and there, but
general it goes, connecing players > awaiting probe responce >
connection failed :( the only othwer think i noticed as well the
start page where the menu is nothinking is moving or no sound (normaly u
have that lil battle between usa and gla in the back ground)

i am running the visa 64 bit on my new pc , and all my other c&c games
run perfectly on the max setting (ra3 / tibern wars e.t.c) i have a bt
home hub with the fire wall turned off, and i just use the windows
firewall & a anti virus and fire wall called eset smart. but i never had
a problem with any other games with it and its all allowed through. i
have tryed installing it and re installing and checked my settign to
make sure there not blocking it.

plz help :(


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