Re: Is this spec. good foe video games ?

The video card is very weak - so weak it may not play most of the games you want.

Flat screen monitors typically have a specific res that they are sharpest at. They will show other resolutions but tend to be fuzzy. 20" monitors typically want a resolution of 1680x1050.

A review of the card at shows a game like Crysis can't even run at 1600x1200 with the 3450 and is getting 6 frames per second (completely unplayable) even at 1280x1024. You may be able to play peggle on it but even games like Bioshock which is not that big of a graphics hog has really unacceptable framerates with the card.

If it was me, i would get the system, dump the card and get something like the HD4830 - a middle priced card that gives much better performance.

Hope that helps!

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Will the following specs. good enough for PC games ?
Dell Studio Desktop
Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q8200
Vista Home Premium SP1 64-bit
6GB Memory, 640 GB HD
Webcam ( SP2009W )
ATI Radeon HD 3450 (256MB) Graphic card
Dual-layer 16x DVD Burner
20" Widescreen Flat Panel Monita

Thank you. t-4-2

Yeah, Quad Core anything is excellent, 6gigs ram is a waste though, while
I know of a couple games that might use 1 or 2 gigs at a time, anything
over 4 gigs right now is pointless.

Your video card is a little weak, but it'll last for a while.

I like the Dell Studio line, but I currently have my eye on a 17" macbook
pro or an ASUS G71. Currently torn, guess it depends on how many of my
old computers sell. Anyone looking to buy used? :)



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