Age of Empires 3 doesnt install in Vista - Help?

Hi all,

After many attempts to install AOE3, it only 'installs' as
IDD_CUSTOMEXPRESS. Which of course doesn't play.

What I have tried to this point and a few times; Installed Vista SP1.
Then I get the compatability issue pop-up. Then I installed the AOE
vista patch 1.12.

I dont understand why it 'installs' to use a word then doesnt play?
This game does install on other computers so it is not a product key
issue. It did install on the same computer when it had XP running.

Can anyone suggest a solution plz? I am also going to install the other
exp packs, Asian Dynasties I have yet to play. I purchased these games

I have also tried installing as administrator and the dos prompt
command that someone posted here previously to enable admin always or

Thanks in advance~ I just want to play dont care about the on-line
feature either...

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