Re: CoD4 Profile Transferring

thanks mucho, mmould03 ! Actually, I just found this same bit of
info yesterday !
What fried me was, I used Vista's search function and did a search of
the _whole_hard_drive_ for these config files. Why didn't those
config_mp.cfg or mpdata files that were in the VirtualStore area,
show up in my searches, along with the ones in the \program
files\activision\....\players\profiles\ did???!?!? That's what sent
me on a wild goose chase from the beginning.
When I'd get promoted or unlock challenges and stuff in the game,
I'd look at the modified dates on those files and they never changed,
and I wondered how could that be ?!?!? So I knew they had to be stored
somewhere else on the hard drive, but where !??!!?!?
As I said, thanks very much for looking for me. I hope I can return
the favor for you sometime !

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