Re: Vista wont install most games

"richc46" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I just purchased a new puter with 64bit Vista. I tried to install my
Scrabble game, without success. I called the tech dept of the game
manufacturer and was told that there are very few games that are
compatible with 64bit.

"Mark" <mark_butler@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

Richc46 - thats actually not true, many games work just fine with
Vista64. The ones that don't tend to be older games or have some
special quirk.

I don't know what your Scrabble game is like but can you give any
error messages it displays? Have you tried running the installer as an
administrator (right-click on setup.exe on the cd)

And a lot of times a tech support person will just say it doesn't work to
get you off the phone. :)

I'm sure your Scrabble guys are of the basic mindset that they probably
did not test the game under x64, didn't list x64 as supported on the box
of the game, so ergo, they don't have to support the OS.

Sucks because it seems like most of the major manufacturers are
installing x64 now on systems at 4gb ram or more.

In most cases though the game should work, unless there's some 16-bit
code in the game or installer. Then you are SOL.

Aren't there like 100 different websites with free Scrabble like games
you can play?