Re: Vista games not functioning correctly

Someone else may have specific knowledge of this. From a general standpoint, it sounds like it may be a display driver issue, can you post what your display board and driver version is?


"Dragonomega" <Dragonomega@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:C43EFF89-7CC8-476B-9DDA-01176D97E3EC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ok i have seen quite a few posts about vista games such as solitaire or
minesweeper being missing or not being able to start and there seems to be
fixes for those i however have an odd problem that i cant seem to get
resolved. i have the games i can open the games however when i do open the
games i get no picture/video if i open solitaire for instance the window pops
up and i can then move cards (i know this because i can get a score going and
the time goes) but i can not see the cards/ board same think with inkball
slightly different but equally
irritating is chess it just comes to the loading chess titans screen and sits
there indefinately please assist i am running vista home premium 32 bit thank
you in advance