HI, l am trying to run kings quest 8 on vista, can you help?

Hi from australia everyone. Basically the situation is l am trying to see if l can run kings quest 8 on windows vista 32-bit, (i'm using vista business). I bought the old classic sierra games for xp and including kings quest 1-7 which worked well, but l bought kings quest 8 about 5 years ago and i'm only playing it now (or trying to). There seems to be nothing on how to run it on vista on google, could l get any updates/patches? Any answers would be really great.
Thanks in advance (alot)

p.s. i've already tried compatibility mode and it didn't work, and some info on my computer is below.

Hp Laptop
2.00 gb of ram
2.00 gh
vista business
120 gb hard drive,
anymore questions feel free to ask. :)

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