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has any one had a problem with the wow patch, some like it get to 95%
and them has a problem.

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Has anyone had a problem installing the new World of Warcraft Patch?
I've read somewhere in the Intertubez that on some systems the patch
gets to 95% and fails, or is unable to finish installing. Has anyone
else had this problem?


Well I don't exactly know if you are having this problem, or if you are
wondering if this is a common problem.

I installed the last WoW patch without issue on my system. Anytime I
have a problem with WoW I usually run the Repair program. You can find
it at C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Repair.exe

It'll take a couple hours to repair your installation, but that may fix
whatever problems you are having.

You may want to try uninstalling the game from your HD, then reinstall
from your retail discs and patching all over again. Once again, it'll
take a while, but might help. Make sure you delete old files from the
World of Warcraft folder before you reinstall.

If all else fails, there's lots of help at

Good luck,