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Hello Robert,

If you are using a compatible version of Windows Vista, 'Windows Vista:
Compare editions' ( and if you have the latest
Norton Internet Security 2010, (, there should not be any

I'm using Windows Home Premium SP2, with almost all the updates already
applied (Windows Live on only one 64-bit machine; still using mostly
Windows Mail on all three machines; one more 64-bit and one 32-bit). That
web page isn't very clear about whether these versions qualify as

The Norton Internet Security 2010 version is

A suggestion would be to check clearing the Windows Logs.
The maximum log size under Windows Vista is 20Mb, if this limit is
reached, it is better to proceed with a "cleaning" log process.
Then reboot the machine and try.

How do I find the Windows Logs and the program which can clear

Regarding the Windows Vista backup features, I hope this link might
help you: 'Windows Vista: A Guide to Windows Vista Backup Technologies'

I hope this can help.

When I start the backup program, it never shows me the parts about
the Windows Complete PC Backup and Restore Image or the part
about Advanced Restore, even after it says its list of previous backup
is corrupted and it says It need to do a backup of all the data files.

How can I tell how many DVDs would be needed for such a
complete backup, or do I need to buy an external disk drive to
have a reasonable place to store them?


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Robert Miles

Today, I found that the help file says that Vista Home Premium does NOT
include Windows Complete PC Backup and Restore Image, so I can't use
it at present. How safe is upgrading to one of the versions of Vista that
does include it, with no current backups?

Where can I find instructions for dividing the C: partition in halves, so I
try running Windows 7 on one of the halves for a while and still retain the
ability to go back to Vista?

I'm running the Windows Live OneCare safety scanner on the same 64-bit
machine as the task that's now reached 262 hours, with no usable
checkpoints since 70 hours. When it finally finishes, I'll be able to apply
the recent updates on that machine and reboot it.It's shown 0% progress
since yesterday, still scanning mostly *.new files and the property files
associated with them.

Robert Miles