Re: XP Style search tool?

On Sat, 22 May 2010 17:12:21 -0500, danegolf <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hello, I am not able to get the Search tool to function properly in
Vista. I get into the Search Window. I simply want to find all my most
recent files. I choose Advanced Search and then set the date to all
files created after May 1, 2010. The Search runs and only returns one
file. I know that I've created more files since May 1, 2010. When I run
the search for the C: drive. I get one file returned. When I run the
Search using Computer, I get only onbe filoe, but its different from the
file found under C: drive.

Can anyone explain how to run a Search so that it returns all the files
on my computer that were created after a certain date? Your help is
really appeciated.

Hello Danegolf,

Without seeing the exact query that you are using or your search and
indexing options, it's hard to say what's wrong. However, I do this kind
of search often on Vista and it works as expected. A search of my
"Indexed Locations" using the query

date:>01 May 2010

returns 676 files.

Sometimes you don't need to use Advanced Search. Did you try using one of
the supplied saved searches that begin with "Recent"? Click on your user
profile in Windows Explorer and click on the "Searches" folder to expand
the list.

Doug M. in NJ