Re: Funny alphabetation in Windows explorer

That strange thing would happen because dashes, spaces and other punctuation marks in file or folder names are alphabetized as well as letters and numbers. If you check a chart of character codes you'll find that a blank space is the lowest possible character code and therefore will always be sorted to the top of a list. This has been the way it has always worked in Windows. It can't be "fixed" because it's not "broken".

"chasgl" <chasgl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:85FF7737-D13D-4098-866F-625E240A209B@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
My sweety and I take pictures and store them in folders. I label mine like
this 2009 09 22. My sweety does 2009-09-22. We figured that way they would
appear by date and each of ours would be separate. But the order comes out
like this
2009 08 27 Near Ali and Saida's mostly biking
2009 08 28 Saida and Ali return Arc de Triumph and Tour Effel
<a bunch of other folders>
2009-01-04. Dhyana-Terri in town.breakfast
2009-02-27. Party-Selim.Saida,Ali.Dan.Matt
2009-09-14 Lemgo
2009-09-23 Austin Property
2009 08 29 Sacre-coer
2009 08 30. Vaux-Le-Vicomte. Ali+M+C

So first are some with 2009<space> etc
then some 2009- etc
then some 2009<space> etc

Why would this strange thing happen? Any way to fix it?