Re: Unable to replace file with newer version

Hi, Samkent.

Have you tried the good old Dir command with the /x switch?

Dir /x should insert an addition column in the listing, showing the SFN (Short File Name, also known as the 8.3 filename) for each file and folder whose LFN is not also a "legal" SFN. Do it for the directory/directories that hold each of the problem files.

This often discloses some strange and unexpected characters in filenames!

Let us know what you see.

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San Marcos, TX
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"Samkent" <Samkent.3zaggd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:Samkent.3zaggd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I just tried it. Same result. The file disappears from the directory as
you would expect. But once I copy the new file into the directory and
then run it, the login page shows it’s the old version.

I just tried something else with strange results.
I’m in the right folder with the new file copied there.
If I run it the login page shows it’s the old file.
If I change the file name by one letter then run it all is fine with
the new login page.
If I change the file name back to the right name it becomes the old
I can change the name back and forth and the login page changes

I’m not working with a short cut or anything. I am working with a
simple Access MDE file. I’ve been working with computers since the days
of DOS version 1 so I’m not a dufus when it comes to computers.

This one has me baffled.