Unable to replace file with newer version

Try the following:

Right click CMD.EXE (command prompt)
Select Run As Administrator,
Type CD\ and hit Enter to drop you into the root directory,
Change to Program files and delete the old file,
Click the X in the top right corner to go back to Windows,
Then copy the new version.

"Samkent" <Samkent.3z9x0c@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:Samkent.3z9x0c@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I have an Access database I have to replace in a folder under program

I can delete the file. I can copy the new version to the folder. But
when I open the file it's the old version.

I have tried copy and paste. I have tried delete and then a reboot but
the old version comes back after I copy and paste (or drag) the new
version into the correct folder. I have tried delete then empty recycle
bin and it still comes back when I put the new version in the correct

Any Ideas???

I can run the new version from the desktop

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