Re: shortcut at C:/ProgramData/Application Data

See these links. The second one will explain your loop.

"gordon55y" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:098566b9801ba8e4fa2f3a9bd7c808e9@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I notice that vista has made some shortcut folders as placeholders
previous XP folders. For instance:
C:/Application Data
If I look at the properties for that shortcut, it is type folder with
no target.
That all makes sense.

But I see another shortcut at:
C:/ProgramData/Application Data
That shortcut is type folder, but it has a target of "C:/Program Data"
And, when opening that shortcut you get into an endless loop. :-(
And causes my script to endlessly drill down.
This is a 1 month old vista home laptop.
I believe it should be a shortcut with type folder and no target.
Is that correct?
How can I fix this?




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