Re: Re: Windows Search 4 - Wildcard in file content

Hi again,

yes, I did test for simply "jones" but there are no finds.
(I suspected that some punctuation counts as a delimiter and found/used
examples during tests, mainly for numbers).
The odd thing is, if I test with a document containing mr,f,jones with
commas instead of periods then yes, it finds "jones"!

Erm.... any ideas?


"Retroman" wrote:

On Tue, 22 Sep 2009 06:47:01 -0700, Ken-T <KenT@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Doug,

thanks for that. It's enough to know it was by design and that I was just
not finding the right search format or something.
This particular need for a wildcard couldn#t really be solved by ading to
the search (unless you know of some methoid).

In the docs were Mr.F.Jones (names changed to protect the innocent).
Yes, the user created the docs with no space between..... so since nobody
could remember the first name was tring for *jones mr*jones etc etc

Anyway. Thanks.

Your quite welcome, Ken. In the example you give, did you try searching
on simply "Jones" , with no wild cards? I would expect that to work. Text
following a period should be interpreted as the start of a word.

Doug M. in NJ