Re: Create Disk Partition / Dual boot?

To add but little to ground covered by Hank and Ken:

You have two basic choices: Add a physical hard drive and use that for Windows 7 or if there is sufficient available space on your present drive, shrink that dive and partition it and use that for another volume. None of this requires dynamic volumes.

Also, you have the choice of using Windows in-built tools or 3rd party tools. In most circumstances, using the in-built tools is cheaper "(for obvious reasons) but the 3rd party tools can be easier to use. Also, there are some circumstances when the Windows tools cannot provide a good solution since they are more limited.

Assuming the route of having enough available space on the present HD and the use of Windows tools:

Go to Control Panel Administrative tools Storage Disk Management Right click on the HD in the list and select Shrink Disk on the context menu. Follow the prompts.

After the disk is shrunk, right mouse click on the space and choose to create new volume. Follow the prompts. (allow a drive letter be assigned and allow a format). OK out. A new primary partition will be created with NBTFS format is you follow the defaults.

When the HD drive/volume has been shrunk and the new drive created, restart the machine.

Install Windows 7. I would start the install from the original OS and choose a new install if both OSs are either 32 or 64 bit. This will keep the drive letter assignments consistent between OSs.

As always before disk operations, make sure all your user files are backed up. Also, that you have good back-ups of your OS and application programs or the installation media is available and usable.

Tom Ferguson

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Question: How do you create a disk partition in Vista Home premium if the disk is not dynamic? I would like to install a trial version of Windows 7 to see if business apps will run.... and would much prefer to keep all of that on a seperate partition with option to boot either Win7 or Vista... articles or professional advice on pros and cons desired...