Re: Help:(

Angel312 wrote:

::I am not a computr \"wiz,\" and recently I set up my
granddaughter(showing my age) on the guest user acct. I then read that I
should not have done this:( She had a little info on there, but not a
lot. So, I went and created a new acct for her (standard) named Visitor.
So, I went there to \"test\" it. I could not obtain any files or folders
from my acct which she does need to be able to do to access pictures,
music, etc. for her Facebook and MySpace Accts. It told me I was not
authorized to do this, and to check security something. I checked and I
have file sharing on for everyone?? IDK, because I am so very
frustrated from trying to accomplih for her for the last 2 days:( Help
me plz..... ::

::Oh, I also set up another acct for myself under Admin as I read this
was \"better.\"(again, standard acct).::

::I don't want to do anymore on my computer as I'm so fearful I will
have a big mess to unscramble later! ::

To share pictures or other files with other users on your computer, copy the
pictures/files to the Public directory. That's what the Public directory is

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