Re: Word docs moving around on desktop

teleute wrote:
I have a couple of Word docs on my desktop (which is exactly where I
want to keep them, so let me derail any suggestions of storing them
elsewhere...*g*). I have them along the right side, where I want them,
but every time I have them open to edit, and save the document, the icon
moves itself over to the first empty spot on the left side of the
desktop. I just want them to stay where I put them. Does anyone know
how I can keep these in place? (Note: auto arrange is not on)

Thank you.

This probably won't help, but when you are editing a Word file, Word creates a 'working copy' named ~$cument.doc (for something named document.doc) with an icon on the desktop at the first available position. For some reason your Word/OS do not seem to properly kill the temporary icon, but kills the original. I was not able to replicate your problem with Vista Home Premium (32-bit) and Word 2007.