Re: Can't Delete Two Icons From Desktop, Any Suggestions!

wizz;1160575 Wrote:
Hi....First post ! New to this Forum...... but not to Forum's

Just wanted to add my comments to this thread to help anyone who comes
along after me.

I had exactly the same problem with one file on my Vista Ultimate
desktop as *SpiderRider*

The solution was in the post by *bjg123*. *Lelixir* also metioned it

-Unlocker- was the program that worked for me. Got rid of that pesky
file that had (embarrassingly) been hanging around for weeks !!


Thanks for the info.......


I'd like to add and update the rest of the world that for me too it was
the faithful "Unlocker" that helped solve this crappy problem for me

I faced this issue with 5 PDF file icons that just won't let go of my
desktop, and remained sticky like ghost icons - can't delete, can't
rename.. if i tried downloading and overwriting with the original
content or creating a new file with same name, deleting one would still
leave one ghost icon always..

So finally, it was just the Unlocker tool that came to my rescue and
after weeks, finally got rid of those icons..! :) kudos..

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