Re: why can't I re-install game?

That's generally how tech support works these days. Try the games online support forum or google. Worst case post to an appropriate group on here such as


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Contact the Game manufacturer for info


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> tried re-installing a game (game on machine has a bad map) and vista
> won't let me. copy with bad map keeps coming back. even tried a
> new out of the box copy. no luck . fixed the problem easily on XP
> machine. :mad:driving me crazy....:mad:
> thanks in advance y'all :D
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tried contacting manufacturer, and, as per usual, said it wasn't
related to them. try your OS. hmm, pass the buck time I see. so, vista
saves copies of games... and the game manufacturer (microsoft) for once
tuns a blind eye? only for vista I suppose.

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