Re: Cannot delete file !! Help

Hi, akshatm.

In the Command Prompt window, use the Dir command with the /x parameter to show you the 8.3 filename. Then delete that filename.

If it doesn't work, please post back exactly what you did and exactly (verbatim) any error message or other response that appeared. Also, please tell us the exact name of the problem file, including the extension - and the 8.3 filename. Also, what does the dir /a command tell you?

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"akshatm" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:7fcadf5c0811bd1e40acd746ed497958@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

im working on vista home premium 32bit.
i downloaded a flv file which seems to be corrupt. now a cannot delete
the file.. i tried deleteing it from the command prompt, tried using the
software 'eraser'. i cant even move the file, or rename it or view the
file properties.

wat shud i do in order to delete it.. any suggestion is welcome.

Pls help me ppl !!



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