Re: How are folders named in Windows Vista

I did move them as you described However, the Documents folder pinned to
the Start menu does not reference those folders. it references folders called
My Documents which somehow were created after I moved the folders where I
wanted the data. The actual My Documents folder did not appear until after I
made the moves.

When I select the Documents folder properties pinned to the Start Menu, it
does not give me the "move" button which the other folders had.

"whs" wrote:

Michael Garczynski;1100132 Wrote:
I have redirected several of my folders in Vista as I have previously in
so I didn't have to change my document locations. However, many of the
references so the folder as My Documents while the Vista folder is just
called Documents. I am not able to change the location of these folders
even though I have successfully redirected all of the locations. How do
complete these changes so my applications function normally?

If you want to move those folders (e.g. Documents, Pictures, Music,
etc.), you have to go into the folder Properties, location tab and move
them there - for example to another partition on the same drive or
another internal drive.