Re: Disk Defragmenter Command Line Switch?

Glad it works now,

"JamesJ" <jjy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:u7y$O0IDKHA.1380@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I found out that it analyzes both drives upon opening, but when I select Defrag now...
it then gives me the opportunity to select the drive(s).
I was a bit concerned that it would defrag both drives without any input from me.
Must be by design.

Thanks much,

"Badger" <jerrymcm@xxxxxxx> wrote in message news:uzVbKhIDKHA.3732@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
My best guess is to shut down, disconnect the external drive and reboot.
Then do a defrag.

"JamesJ" <jjy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:uxerXtHDKHA.4392@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From the moment I open defragmenter it begins analyzing my drives.
I get no opertunity to select a drive.


"Badger" <jerrymcm@xxxxxxx> wrote in message news:OsoqZQHDKHA.4648@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
My defragmenter has a choice to select volumes or all drives.
I'm using Vista Home Premium.

"JamesJ" <jjy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:O54PuxEDKHA.2832@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I'm trying to get Disk Defragmenter to analyze only 1 disk at a time
but can't seem do do it. I'm using the following but when it starts analyzing
in reports Analyzing disk 1 of 2:
%SystemRoot%\system32\dfrgui.exe c:

I have an external hard drive but I don't want both drives to be analyzed.
Even when I got to Computer and right click c: and select Properties|Tools Tab
and 'Defrag now' it analyzes both drives.
Any way I can get Defrag to address only 1 drive?

I'm using Vista Basic sp2.