Re: Hard Drive Image or Copy

I restore images to new and larger hard drives from a different manufacturer **ALL THE TIME**.

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I'm a bit confused about imaging a hard drive.
I recently purchased a 500 gb external hdd. My internal hdd has
only 39 gb used. Why would I create an image of the drive as opposed to simply
copying the drive contents when a copy would fit on the external hdd? And if I copy
the drive contents to the external drive and I want to restore it how does that work?
Does data only get replaced or can I remove what's on the internal hdd and then
copy the backup to the internal hdd??

Any help will be appreciated,

Something to think about when it comes to imaging.

The standard Acronis package (which I have) will indeed make an image and restore an entire image of files -- even individual files. Finding individual files using its Explorer-like interface is, however, is definitely not easy. That's the least of what may be a potential problem when and if you have hardware problems.

The worst may be restoring your stored image to a replacement drive. Their "fine print" indicates that Restore must be done to identical hardware. Well, now, if you go to replace your 5 year old hard drive, good luck on duplicating it. I couldn't on my system. How about the motherboard? You'd be hard pressed to find one to match that as well.

To solve all that potential hardware obsolescence, Acronis offers their Professional version. If you buy that -- PLUS, their Bare Metal Restore package, then you can truly restore to different hardware. I never went that far because I wasn't that impressed with their regular package.

I certainly wasn't impressed with their lack of disclosure (the Bare Metal etc) when buying their regular package enough to pursue another product with them.