Converting wps (large) file to Word or PDF.

I have only just got Office 2007 with WORD. And until now have been using
WORKS. Most of my old wps files will easily convert to WORD / DOC. But I have
got about 8 files which will not. I thin k its because they are too big and
when I try to open them in word it crashes. Where as the smaller files do so
and then I save them as the DOC file. These files arevery large becasue they
contain about a hudred or more pages which each page contains a scanned jpeg
file. they are aroud 100,000 KB. It was the only way for me at the time to
have these. And it would take ages to redo them maually for word or to save
as PDF which I can now do. When I try and paste to copy in WORD again it just
crashes Too large.

Does anyone know how I can convert these files? Without crahing the Program.
Ive even tried pasting just a few pages but it just doesnt seem to wanrt to
do it. Thank you for any useful reply.