page file issue with partition? / want to dual boot win7 with vista

i'm wishing to create a partition in order to dual boot win7RC with
vista (home premium).

i started with wanting to shrink (which i assume automatically
creates a partition? no one ever explicitly says! if not, anyone got a
good link i can follow?) my only harddisk (the total disk size is ~220
Gb, only 82 Gb used) to make a 50 Gb partition on which to install

however, i am only allowed to shrink by 21976 Mb. even after i
defragged and performed a system cleanup, the shrink size didn't change
by even one bit, which makes me think the paging file / "shadow copies"
(which home premium is supposed to not have?) are the culprit.

another thread suggested they found an option to move page files in
their computer |advanced settings, but i don't seem to have an option in
computer|advanced settings to move the page files, only to set a size of
page file, or no page file. (see attached image). even if i move page
files to another disk, how can i move them back?

if i set *no* page file, what effect will this have on my system? i am
running Vista Home Premium SP1 with 4Gb physical RAM (recently upgraded
from 2 Gb - so, do i even need the paging file at all?).

my page file is currently set to 3369 Mb. i do not play games or
stress my system much. i mainly run MS Office 2007 and use the internet
and burn the odd backup DVD/CD. i did notice apps running much faster
(especially defrag!) with added RAM, will removing paging file (a) make
a difference in my app performance (i'm not a power user, so i don't
care if there's 0.00000000000000000000000000000000004 seconds difference
like some people!); (b) will it effect how much i can shrink the volume
and (c) is this what i want to do at all to partition??


|Filename: How to move page files.jpg |