Re: Problems with Windows Search Advanced Query Syntax

You may find a solution at this URL:

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I am fiddling around with all the parameters that Windows Vista Search
offers (Windows Vista SP2/German, Windows Search 4.0). I use this page
here as a reference:

However, here is my first problem:
Whenever I use the search term kind:, I never get any results no
matter whether I use kind:docs, kind:pics or anything else even though
the indexed locations definitely contain documents and pictures and
fulfill the other search criteria I use. As soon as I remove kind:
from my search terms, I do get results. Another similar search term
that does not work on my computer is type:? What could be the problem?

My second "problem" is this:
How can I use the search term ext: with more than one extension? Using
ext:doc works fine as well as ext:xls, but ext:doc xls does not work,
neither does "ext:doc or xls" or ext:(doc or xls). What would be the
correct syntax to search for files having either the extension doc or

I already found the solution to the second problem. I had to write OR
in all capital letters, i.e. ext:(doc OR xls).

My first problem may be related to the fact that my Windows version is
German but most of the English search terms work, so I am not sure.