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Cynyster wrote:

Hi everyone

I have a annoyance I was hoping someone has come across before.

The Icon that represents my desktop in my profile is the standard windows
yellow icon Not the fancy blue aero one like the rest of the folders in my

The trouble is the desktop folder does not have the customize tab for me
to manually change it back. I took a couple of screen shots to help you
see what I am talking about. see attached.

You can see that other profiles seem to be ok and that the one is just a
yellow folder.

Also I have copied the desktop.ini file from the working folder to the
folder. I have compared the contents to make certain that they are the

I really don't want to have to recreate the profile just to fix one icon
(I have created a new profile and the icon in the new profile is the way
it should be)

No one is going to download a binary, let alone one posted *three* times,
just to see a picture of your Desktop. Either host the image on a free
image hosting site (and a lot of people won't bother going there, either)
or just use words to describe the issue. Actually, your message is quite
descriptive all by itself.

Here are a few solutions from MVP Ramesh. From your description, it sounds
like the second one should do the trick but I gave you all three just in

Fixing Folder Type problems (MVP Ramesh)

Shell folders are displayed with the standard folder icon in Windows Vista
(MVP Ramesh):

Fix Desktop.INI files in Special Folders using DesktopINIFix for Windows
Vista (MVP Ramesh):

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