Re: Same Columns EVERYWHERE!!!

Léon Dìgnon wrote:
Fine! This buggs me since Vista was released and it even points back to XP. It is really easy to understand: I open the explorer and browse to C:. I set up my columns as I need them. In particular this is:
Name, Filesize, Filetype and Date.

I want that to be the default setting for EVERY folder, regardless wheter it is an old one, or I create a new one. I just want EVERY folder to show MY chosen columns.

How can I do this in a permanent way?

Thanks in advance!

Open Windows Explorer

Set up a folder the way you want it

If you do not have the Menu Bar (File Edit View Tools Help)
Then Click on Organize > Layout > Menu Bar to turn it on.

Click on Tools > Folder Options... > View tab

Click the "Apply to Folders" button.

It will ask "Do you want all folders of this type to match this folder's view settings?" There is a bit of a catch in the part 'of this type'. It seems to me that Vista typecasts folders based on contents, so the settings for a 'data' folder may not carry over to a 'picture' folder, in my experience.


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