Re: Duplicate "Documents" Folders

Hello Kristan,

Backup the contents of the Documents folder to another location, then
using OPTION THREE in the tutorial below, double check to make sure that
the Documents (Personal in registry) is set with the default location.
Afterwards, delete all of the Documents folders and restart the
computer. It may take a couple of restarts, but it should be restore
back to default. When everything checks out, you can copy the backup
files back into the Documents folder. :)

Hope this helps,

knmcnulty;1083637 Wrote:
Hi everyone!
I've had my laptop for a few months, and somewhere along the way I've
managed to wind up with multiple Documents folders. I've got two that
are identical, and one inside of another one--if that makes sense. I've
tried deleting, incorporating them all into one--they always sprout
their evil heads back in place. I'm really at a loss for words to
describe this little annoyance at this point, so here's some screen
captures to show:
[image:] This one shows the two
Doc folders...

[image:] What is inside of the
1st Doc folder...

[image:] What is inside the
2nd Doc folder...

And then the Doc folder that is inside of the 2nd has the same content
from the 1st.

Like I said, this is mildly annoying if nothing else. I probably did it
one way or another, but I'd be very appreciative if somebody could help
me undo it!


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